Sunday, May 21, 2006

Results For The Garlic's Weekly Poll May 14 - May 20 2006

Another barnburner last week, with The Garlic Poll, as we asked:

The Real Reason The NSA Has Been Secretly Collecting The Phone Call Records In The Country Is ...

The Results:

1. President Bush wants a definitive list of who’s with him and who’s against him 36%

2. Vice President Dick Cheney wants to call every citizen, and personally spook them about mushroom clouds a’comin’ 29%

3. Their Social Network Analysis of MySpace.Com was only netting them that they were “creepy” or “way too old” 21%

4. With the super huge computer they have, they have a super huge speed dial to fill 14%

This week’s Poll - President Bush’s Numbers Are So Low That ...

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