Sunday, September 03, 2006

We Zigged, When We Should Have Zagged ... The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll August 27 - September 2 2006

We Zigged, When We Should Have Zagged

Boy, did we get our poll question wrong this past week ... Thinking, with the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, there’d be a bevy of conversation, editorials, unending cable news programs, with parades of talking heads offering a complete and thorough second look at President Bush, and his administrations’, failed response (then and now) to the Gulf Region and New Orleans.

But (drum roll, please) ... Enter Donald Rumsfeld ...

Nothing like tossing a few manhole covers around, putting a new spin on a different failed policy, and, in the process, labeling (not just Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan or those darn Democrats in Congress) a majority of Americans “Nazi Appeasers”

Clearly, The Garlic underestimated (insert “Head Slap” here) just how outrageous the White House could get ...

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll August 27 - September 2 2006

With the first-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina this week, the most outrageous act the White House is likely to undertake is ...

1. Releasing talking points that the vote for Ned Lamont was giving the “shorter-levee-types” exactly what they wanted ... Tally - 38%

2. Issuing a “President’s Cut” DVD - An exact copy of the news footage that Andy Card put together showing New Orleans flooded, so President Bush could understand the disaster that the rest of the country had already seen for days ... Tally - 30%

3. A contest to co-host, with President Bush, another speech from Jackson Square ... Tally - 25%

4. With Hurricane Ernesto heading towards the U.S., announce yet another terror alert that, regrettably, prevents the President from attending any events in the Gulf area, having to stay back in the White House, fighting the Islamo-Fascists ... Tally - 8%

This week’s Poll - If President Bush is reading Shakespeare, what’s Rumsfeld reading?...

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Cost of rigging, err, winning 2000 Presidential election that gave you your job ... $530-Million ... Cost of invading and occupying a sovereign country ... $300-Trillion ... Shaking hands with a ruthless dictator ... Priceless

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