Sunday, October 22, 2006

Around The Garlic Patch ... A Few Good Links To Check Out

It’s not often that we go Around The Garlic Patch (the intent is to do it more often - will continue to endeavor to meet that goal), however, there’s a few great reads that you should check out, as you have time...)

The Guardian Unlimited across the pond has a very good read on the “Tipping Point” of the conflict in Iraq

How Iraq came home to haunt America

Truthdig offers a very poignant and powerful piece, written by Kevin Tillman, brother of the deceased Iraqi Vet (and former NFL star) Pat Tillman

After Pat’s Birthday

For photography (and Americana) fans, a recent Boston Globe article told of Harvard University cataloging and preserving the story and history of that once iconic American company, Polaroid ... And there’s an accompanying Photo Gallery with it ...

Polaroid preserved: Harvard catalogs an era of innovation

Last, a very rare treat today in the Washington Post - A detailed portrait of ‘Doonesbury’ creator Gary Trudeau

Doonesbury's War

Also, take some time to scroll down the Sidebar to the right and check out our Links Section ... Many a great site or blog there to check out, such as our friends over at The Reaction, The Moderate Voice, Copeland’s Institute of Lower Learning (Where there’s still time to vote for who is the Worst President) and The Garlic’s biggest fan, America’s best satirist, Barry Crimmins

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