Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Surprising Things Found In Newly Discovered Jesus Burial Cave

News Item: Filmmaker shows relics from disputed Jesus tomb

10. Primative blueprints for a project titled "Stonehenge"

9. Dozens and dozens of empty wine jugs

8. Earliest known travel brochures, depicting "7 Nights, 6 Days" in Rome

7. Decaying sheets, that appear to be some form of ID, with the names "Jesus", "Joseph", "J.C.", "Son of God"

6. Faded banner - "What Happens In Jerusalem, Stays In Jerusalem"

5. A stone tablet, sort of a primative, Mary Magdalene MySpace Page

4. A satchel full of restaurant receipts, including the one for the Last Supper

3. Stack of towels, with facial imprint of Christ, and a "50% Discount" sign

2. A gag rubber fish, that turns inside out into a loaf of bread

1. An early draft of a novel titled "The DiVinci Code"

Among the surprising discovery was a faded banner, declaring "What Happens In Jerusalem, Stays In Jerusalem"

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