Monday, July 09, 2007

Oxymoron of the Day: Karl Rove at an Idea Festival

Okay, Okay, I know, I know ... We could leave off the "oxy" part ...

Kind of had to do a double-take ...

A Smear Festival ... A Lying-About-Going-To War Festival... A Character Assassination Festival ...An Election-Rigging Festival ... A Covert CIA Outing Festival ... A U.S Attorney-Firing Festival ... A Math Festival ...

Those would be more plausible ... But an Ideas Festival? ...

Knock yourself out ...


Karl Rove Gets Cheered and Jeered in Aspen

Rove Wins Hearts and Minds in Aspen

Rove takes questions on Iraq, CIA case

Rove speaks

Bonus Links

Rove Doing His Part to Help Shape a Positive Legacy for Bush

New book alleges Rove held secret Abramoff meetings; Stepfather's gay life explored

White House In Crises, As Rove Takes Credit For North Korean Nuke Test; Sources Say ‘Bush’s Brain” Weary From Sinking Polls, Fundraising; Too Tired To Come Up With New October Surprise

Trick Question - Which one is the brain?

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