Saturday, September 15, 2007

Must Watch Interview: Chuck Hagel - Letting It Rip - with Bill Maher

The money shot, right at the very end of the interview;

"I think this war policy, ahh, where we are today, and the continuation of this policy is the biggest foreign policy blunder in the history of our nation ..."
As the description of the video from Tullycast notes;

"Senator Chuck Hagel joins Bill by satellite and lets it rip."

And boy, does Hagel let it rip ... With heavy, steel-toed construction boots, he stomps on the Republicans, the Administration and The Commander Guy ...

Right after the interview, panel member Carl Bernstein was in awe, telling Maher "You made news tonight".

(It usually takes the HBO and/or Maher crew about a week to post a transcript, so take the video out for a spin.)

BILL MAHER’S REAL TIME ::September 14 2007:: (Part Two): Senator Chuck Hagel joins Bill by satellite and lets it rip.

Bonus Chuck Hagel Links

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