Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Garlic Song: Bush Could Write A Book

Tough sledding on the Legacy Front these days.

Was it put out there to pick up more donations for the Bush Library? You know, like a PBS kind of thing, where, if you pledge so much, you get this, bump up to the next level, get that ...

Can't imagine they're offering a tote bag - those must all be deployed in Iraq, to lug around the cash to pay for the "success" in Al Anbar.

No, none of that liberal stuff ... Gotta go with a book ... Yeah, a book ... That'll get it out there ... Show that I'm tough ... Show that I'm sensitive ... Determined ... Resolute ... Yeah, a book will do it ...

Trouble is, speaking on the Legacy Front, when you write that kind of book, with more that a year left in your administration, and you start spinning the history ... Well, you need to fire the guy that forgot to tell you that there's a whole boatload of people out there - former staffers, colleagues, et all - that can, pretty much, blow you out of the water.

Ahhh, but so it goes.

And, as we, so often, have offered song to accompany The Commander Guy, in his stumbles, today we provide the soundtrack that will surely be used in the video loop that will play on at the Bush Library ... Or maybe his Freedom Institute ...

It's a standard, so sing along, loud and strong ...

Bush Could Write A Book

He never learned to spell,
At least not well.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
He never learned to count,
A great amount.

But his busy mind is burning to use what little learning it got,
He won't waste any time,
He'll lie while the iron is hot.

If they asked him, Bush could write a book
About the way they shock, and whisper, and mistook.
He could write a preface
On fabricating the threat
And the world will never forget.

And the simple neocon secret of his plot
Is just to tell them "you're with us, or not".
And the world discovers
As his book ends,
How to make two disasters
That he defends.

And the simple neocon secret of the plot
Is just to tell them "you're with us, or not".
And the world discovers
As his book ends,
How to make two disasters
That he defends.

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