Monday, November 21, 2005

Top Ten Cloves:'s Reponses To Fraud Charges In Setting Up Fake Dates

10. Going out as a fake date, it was the only way for members of our staff to earn some extra money

9. Look at it this was, it was kind of like an Extreme Makeover project, but for dating

8. Are you kidding, this has been unbelievably! … Over 200,000 members asked if we'd send them a bogus, romantic email

7. At least we're not doing what Yahoo is … Our people are real

6. We believe we have the power for such policy under the Patriot Act

5. Actually, this is all part of a special episode of Ashton Kutcher's 'Punk'd' program

4. Sorry, the bogus romantic emails are now part of Vice President Cheney's Energy Meeting notes, so no-can-see

3. Okay, a few of the emails, like the one's from Jessica Alba, Rachel McAdams and Paris Hilton, might have been fake

2. Let's face it, some of our customers couldn't catch the bird flu if they lived on a farm in Asia

1. We're meeting with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice tomorrow, to personally apologize to her

1 comment:

Ricjie said...

Their name should probably be changed to "watch the con", not "match dot com".

Now Match is saying that they've gotten the employee to sign an avidavit that she was never and employee. Yeah right.

Isn't that too easy. If anybody brings up an allegation against a giant like Match that seriously damages its reputation, do you really believe that all Match would do would be to get the person to sign an avidavit? No way, it'd be more like suing the pants off that woman.

The case of her signing an avidavit just means she's been bribed with a few millions to keep her quiet. Scams will never end. Support the free sites: and end the greed.