Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Uses For The Cancelled O.J. Book On Thanksgiving Day

News Item: O.J. says advance spent as book removed from eBay

10. Can’t give your pet dog turkey bones to gnaw on ... So...

9. Hit a pothole on the way to dinner at the in-laws? Just shove it under the oil pan in case it leaks

8. Give it to the squirrels in your backyard, to rip up for winter nesting material

7. Great starter for building that roaring fireplace

6. Even better shovel for cleaning out the fireplace after all that roaring

5. Pages super absorbent and will really mop up all that grease in the turkey tray

4. Something for the children to kick around, playing before dinner

3. Worried about guests slipping on icy sidewalk? Makes a great scoop to spread around the rock salt

2. Hmmm ... With all those after-dinner scraps, you’re going to need to something to push them down the garbage disposal

1. Got a case of the books? Well, break out the chestnuts and let’s get’ a roastin’

Editor’s Note

Perhaps Ruppert Murdoch, Judith Regan, the Fox Network and HarperCollins/ReganBooks could donate the profits they anticipated and projected from their hideous, ill-conceived television special and book to the one positive to come out of this tragic event - The Nicole Brown Foundation

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