Monday, March 26, 2007

Editor's Note - Sorry For The Light Posting

Good Evening Garlic Fans

A thousand-and-one apologies for the light posting over the past week. It's been a somewhat rough period.

In addition to dealing with a full-fledged sinus infection (hopefully an isolated incident and not a harbinger for the Spring that is upon us), there's been a few real life, non-blog issues that have required attention.

So, it's been the case of either being too tired and not of clear thinking, or just jammed up for time that has impacted the posting. And it may be a day, or two, before full posting resumes.

In the event there is no fresh satire to romp through, bear with it and take some time to scroll down the Right Column to check out the 'Day In History' , other highlighted posts or the many links The Garlic offers to other great writing.

Many Thanks Again, for your support of The Garlic

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