Friday, September 07, 2007

"And Now We Come To The Sanity Clause ..."

Now, The Garlic has long known the Bush Grindhouse's affinity to the Marx Brothers as the inspiration for their breathtaking polices, but this is really, really stretching it ...

We've heard - for months, on end - the expected manna from heaven that would fall in Washington this September ... The great warrior, General David Petraeus, would speak his words, sprinkling the ground with golden wisdom ...So hushed would the nation's capital become, it could be mistaken for the shooting of a remake of 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'.

But then, a ripple in this militarized Norman Rockwell moment ...

Petraeus wouldn't be writing the report, the Bush Grindhouse will pen the way forward ...

And we've endured now, the whizzing of reports, flying overhead like a food fight in a middle school cafeteria ... The GAO... The NIE, pundits on the right, pundits on the left... A Former Secretary of State... Embassy Reports...

And today - drumroll please...

Think Progress: New Twist In Saga Over ‘Petraeus Report’: There Will Be No Report

Joe Gandelman: Shifting Goalposts Dept: Now Petraeus Report Won’t Be Written Report

John Cole: Report? What Report?

As Keith Olbermann said the other evening, of The Commander Guy; "You have no remaining credibility about Iraq".

Now, if we can get a Congressional Democrat, or two, to morph into Klaatu, and his gigantic robot, Gort, and toss around a few "Klaatu barada niktos", maybe something can get done to end this madness.

Bonus Links

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Nir Rosen, in conversation with Amy Goodman: Iraq No Longer Exists

Sidney Blumenthal: Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction

A Night at the Opera (1935) - The Contract

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