Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Hearty Thank You To All The Garlic Subscribers!

We thought we'd take time-out here this evening to say "Thank You" to all The Garlic subscribers, and readers.

There's been a bevy (I would say surge, but then things could get confusing) of new subscribers, to join the longstanding loyal ones who have been with us for some time now.


As you know, there's all kinds of content to satisfy your daily dose of satire.

Even if posting is running low (as in this weekend - Lo Siento, we need to recoup some energy), there's a right-hand sidebar with some of the best of The Garlic, along with links to some of our friends, and other great sites you should be checking out.

And don't forget to vote, in The Garlic's Weekly Poll while you're visiting out here.

Once again, to all our subscribers and readers, Thank You, very much, for making The Garlic part of your reading.


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