Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hats Off To Josh Marshall, and The Entire TPM Crew ... First Blog To Win Polk Award!

Attytood put it this way

"The George Polk Awards are kind of like the Golden Globes of American journalism . Not as well known as those Oscars of the news business, the Pulitzer Prize, the Polk Awards are nevertheless probably a close second in terms of prestige, and this year I am especially blown away by the quality of the work they honor."

Included in those who blew away Attytood is Josh Marshall, and the crew over on Talking Points Memo, who became the first bloggers to win this prestigious award.

From The George Polk Awards;
"The Polk Award for Legal Reporting will go to Joshua Micah Marshall, editor and publisher of the widely read political blog, Talking Points Memo. His sites, Talking Points Memo and TPMmuckraker, led the news media in coverage of the politically motivated dismissals of United States attorneys across the country. Noting a similarity between firings in Arkansas and California, Marshall and his staff (with his staff reporter-bloggers Paul Kiel and Justin Rood) connected the dots and found a pattern of federal prosecutors being forced from office for failing to do the Bush Administration's bidding. Marshall’s tenacious investigative reporting sparked interest by the traditional news media and led to the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales"

If you're not hip to TPM, and the associated TPM sites, do so ... It's rock-solid 411 and they don't pull any punches.

Regular readers of The Garlic know that we tag/link to TPM frequently - and will continue to do so, even with their getting this high-flalutin' award!

Congratulations Josh, and TPM! ... Major Clutch Play!

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