Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Hillary Deathwatch

Oh, those scamps over at Slate Magazine.

A most amusing series they are running - The Hillary Deathwatch.

Here's today's offering;

The Hillary Deathwatch: Strong head winds put the Clinton camp back in irons

Lastly: Less money, more problems. Early estimates put Obama's March fundraising total north of $30 million. Not as hot as his $55 million February haul, but enough to dwarf Clinton's estimated $20 million for March. This despite what many consider Obama's worst news month yet. Meanwhile, Clinton's debts are reportedly as high as $9 million, not including her $5 million self-loan. Obama is already outspending her 3-to-1 in Pennsylvania—and he can afford to continue. There's a saying that candidates never drop out; they just run out of cash.
You can go here, to Deathwatch 2008: Down and on the way out, to catch up from the beginning.

(And you can click on the 2007, to review the last throes and fall of former Crony General Alberto Gonzales)

They also offer you the opportunity to send in your own prognostications

I don't know ... We might see those striking Daily Kos diarists start picketing Slate ...

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