Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Ignorant Dolt-of-the-Week ... Brad Blakeman!

Boy, it would have been so easy to vote Michele Bachmann the honors, again, this week, sort of defending her crown as she continues to campaign, do a "My Sister-My Daughter" in her attempts to run away from her McCarthyism.

Considering the polls are showing she's sinking faster then the Dead Campaign Express, she may only end up being our seminal winner of the IDOTW award, which we think we'll give it a go, for awhile anyway.

For, we have another, that when you see it, as I did, live, as it was broadcast, you just shake you head on the absolutely soulless, gutter-based, lack-of-decency, humanity-challenged person that is Republican hack Brad Blakeman.

Check that.

What's lower, seedier, more despicable that a "hack", for I don't want to insult and demean the good names of the bevy of the hacks out there, that, in similar circumstance, would not have sunk so low, would-not-have-gone-there.

Bradly Blakeman, to refresh your memories, was one of the founders, or early officers, of what was going to be the BIG RED MACHINE, the neonitwits answer to MoveOn.Org, Freedom Watch, which was announced back at the beginning of last year (The Garlic riffed on this back in August 2007).

They had some big bucks initially, however, it seems they got stumped by the blizzard of lies they sought to promote, had big pillow fights, and Bradley got sent packing back in March, just to exist again as your standard party hack.

This brings us to yesterday, Thursday, with David Shuster, on MSNBC, when Bradley deflected the question on justifying the $150K spent on The Wasilla Whiz Kid duds.

Here's the video of it.

Brad Blakeman OUTRAGED Over Obama's Trip To Visit ILL Grand Mother

You have to be pretty much a maggot to attempt to equate, let alone defend, the expense of Palin's wardrobe (possibly illegally, certainly ethically questionable, and a disaster PR-wise), to the personal family matter of Barack Obama, going to visit his dying grandmother, the woman who was instrumental in his upbringing.

I believe, if the interview continued longer, Bradley would have intimated that Obama had William Ayers in the plane, or was really flying off to some Islamo-Terrorist camp for further instructions.

This had no place in a interview or discussion over the Republican putting clothes on the back of Mommy Moose.

Not even close ... Not even in the same sphere ... Not in the same room ... No way ... No how ...

It was remarkably human, extraordinary, even, coming in the home stretch of a presidential campaign, that a candidate would take time out to do the right thing.

In fact, you can read a fantastic post on this, by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

So, Bradley Blakeman, you become The Garlic's second Ignorant Dolt-of-the-Week, with the added bonus of a challenge to you, to go back on MSNBC, admit you were a weasel, our Ignorant Dolt-of-the-Week and apologize to Barack Obama.

Otherwise, remain the maggot that you are.

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libhom said...

I wonder if the Republicants realize how much damage they are doing to their party with this kind of behavior.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!

UGH~ Mr. Blakeman was at it again with his panties in a bunch on Talk of the Nation on NPR today in a discussion about Obama's first televised speech on Al-Arabiya. BB needs to get over McCain not winning, take a chill pill and move on~ Dolt is a kind word for this Debbie Downer!