Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pennies from the Heaven

Boy, rough day to sit on the sidelines, still on the DL.

We had to listen to the Congressional Republicans whine and moan like cats in a warehouse full of rocking chairs.

Stimulus Bill Passes House With 0 Republican Votes

President Obama won his first vote, with the House, going strictly along party lines, but this is just the first dance, with much more, and, perhaps, greater theatre, to be played out.

Steve Benen asks a rather interesting question;

If the House Republican caucus, en masse, isn't willing to support a stimulus package in the midst of a global economic crisis, it's hard to imagine when, exactly, GOP lawmakers are going to work with the majority party in a constructive way.


Of course, the last time we saw a vote like this one was probably the 1993 vote on Clinton's first budget -- every single Republican in the chamber voted against it, hoping to prove, once and for all, that they were right about economics and Democrats were wrong. If memory serves, that budget was the first step towards the longest economic expansion on record, the creation of 22 million jobs, and the total elimination of the federal budget deficit.
Cue me when the Third Act starts up

In the meantime, sing along with Louis, because they better start falling damn soon ...

Louis Prima - Pennies from the Heaven

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