Friday, November 27, 2009

We've Already Seen The Palin-Beck Administration

I don't want to spend much time, thought, or energy on this drivel, of either a Mommy Moose Presidency, or having the infantile, racist, zipperhead Beck on the ticket with her.

We've already seen this movie.

Idiocracy - Trailer

Neither one of them has an electrolyte between them.

Idiocracy Brawndo's Got Electrolytes

Help Me Mr. Wizard!

The Links

Ron Beasley: Too Stupid to be a Democracy

Skippy the bush kangaroo: sarah, palin tall

Alex Seitz-Wald: Beck’s Sexist Reason For Ruling Out Palin-Beck Ticket: She’d Always Be ‘Yapping’ Like We’re ‘In The Kitchen’

Azaria Jagger: Glenn Beck Dismisses Palin-Beck 2012 Because Sarah Belongs 'in the Kitchen'

bluegal: Glenn Beck rules out Palin/Beck 2012: "What, I'm gonna take a backseat to a chick?"

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