Sunday, December 06, 2009


Good Evening Garlic Fans

Yes, we're popping up for air, this evening, with a few words about our extended absence.

It has been an extremely cumbersome time, here on the homefront, the past week (and more), as the Aunt (soon to be 97-years-old) we have been caretaker to has taken another downturn.

When we last appeared, she had been admitted to the hospital, but only held overnight, as she had been experiencing an increase in her dementia, as well as experiencing a small TIA episode.

She was released from the hospital last Sunday, and, in truth, should not have been.

Overnight, either from the dementia, or, the drugs given to her in the hospital, she lost her ability to stand up, and walk, which, as you can quite imagine, it was a heavy-duty task attending to her, without her walking, and still, heavily, in her dementia cloud.

The situation turned again, very early Monday morning, though in a better mental mood, less dementia, she experienced two additional TIA's in a short span of time, so it was off to the hospital again, and she was admitted, for the second time in two days.

A long talk with her primary doctor (who has been tremendous throughout our journey) that she may be entering her final phase of life and, certainly, more and more incidents are happening, the dementia has been increasing throughout the year, and due to her age, and overall condition, she is not a candidate for surgeries, or major, invasive treatments.

The decision was made to move her into a Rehab/Nursing Home facility (one that we had her in just a little over six-weeks ago).

As you can appreciate, I had more than a full-plate to deal with, and jumping on the computer to post was well down the list.

It is, likely, to be erratic this week, as more tasks regarding the above are already lined up, however, we will endeavor to attempt to put our glove on, and get in the game.

Many thanks to those who passed along good wishes, and vibes, as well as those who visit and read The Garlic regularly, or in passing.

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