Friday, January 08, 2010

It's A Family Affair

We go tabloid tonight, not to make light of another awful domestic violence incident, if only to highlight two monster lines by other writers, and, for the fact that the famed PartyofNoicans prestigious "family values" were on dubious display, once again.

All the more juicier that the animal neanderthal wife-beater is tied to the Bush Clan.

Former White House lawyer charged with attempting to kill wife in New Canaan

A prominent attorney and former White House lawyer was charged with attempting to kill his wife at his New Canaan home Wednesday night.

John Michael Farren, 57, of 388 Wahackme Road, was charged with attempted murder and first-degree strangulation after police received a panic alarm from his home shortly after 10 p.m.

This guy pitched the doubleheader, working for both, the 1000-Points-of-Light Bush, and, the considerably dimmer, The Bush Grindhouse.

You can click through the link, to read the grisly details of Farren beating his wife with a metal flashlight, over being served divorce papers, ironically, due to his "explosive temper", and then goes all Three Stooges/Niagara Falls when she hits a panic alarm, beating her more.

The folks we want to tip our cap to are;

Skippy, the bush kangaroo, in his post "the gop luvs them some fambly values" for;
Well, we wonder if britt hume has some religious counseling for this guy?

We also see why gay marriage is being voted out all over america. it would only cheapen the institution

And, TBogg, over on Firedoglake, with the great title - "Damn. I had “David Addington” using a “pool cue” in my office pool" - and for;
Former Bush counsel John Michael Farren, 57, of 388 Wahackme Road (oh, cruel irony) went a little apeshit when his wife served him with divorce papers:


It is entirely likely that Farren will be defended by John Yoo who will explain that beating a woman unconscious with a flashlight is an entirely legitimate response during a time of war… on marriage.

Wonkette gets an honorable mention, for their "Former Bush Lawyer *ALLEGEDLY* Murders Everyone", and the wry salary reference.

Oh, you know their pious, pompous, bullshit facade about "family values" is going to haunt them, for all the live long days.

Meanwhile, we'll turn it over to Sly, to sing them a lullabye;

SLY & The Family Stone -- It's a Family Affair


Government Grants said...

Good post thaks

GDAEman said...

Ouch, "Wahackme." Glad I'm not alone in seeing the ... irony in words.

I didn't yet click on the Addington link, but I can only hope he's in as deep as Farren is. My dad recently referenced Addington in connection to Bush officials who should be criminally prosecuted.

Nice post about your Aunt.