Monday, February 22, 2010

Quote of the Day!

There has been a fair amount of things to riff on, regarding the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Leading off, by having the luger killed, wasn't the most auspicious start of the games.l

All the X-Game-type sports (too bad Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland aren't around - "Hey Gang, let's make up a Winter Olympic Game!).

And, of course,. Canada's zeal to "dominate the world" via scooping up all the medals, leading Dahlia Lithwick to write a most engaging "Might It Possibly Be OK If We Kick Some Ass?"

Another highlight was NBC, and their "Red Mittens Day", or Mary Carillo's "Where-In-The-World-Is-Canada" schtick, going through Royal Mountie training;

Hooray! Mary Carillo! She's back! With a package about the MOUNTIES. Yes yes yes yes yes. YES. Mary explains that to become a mountie is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Mary goes to the "West Point" of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police for those of you not down with abbreviations) in Regina, Saskatchewan. Heh. She said "Ree-gina." Do you think the citizens of that town ever try to convince everyone to pronounce it differently? It's cold there. Mary is going to find out what it takes to go from cadet to constable. Mary can't march! Mary giggles when the drill sargeant yells at her! This is a fact: The Mounties were formed to deal with the drunks in the Northwest territories in the 19th century. Mary drives a car! Mary runs around with heavy things! Mary learns to handcuff someone! Mary shoots guns! And then they let her wear a Dudley Do-Right costume, which doesn't seem right. MOUNTIES & CARILLO! FTW! You might have had Ice Dancing, Hankinson, but I got the awesomeness. I WIN.

The NYT's Alessandra Stanley called out the jingoism, and more;
At a time when American athletes are amassing record numbers of medals, and NBC is drawing an impressive number of viewers, sports fans couldn’t ask for more fulsome, pro-American coverage — they could ask for a little less. NBC anchors, including those paid by the news division, glom onto the glamour and reflected glory of winsome champions, as per Matt Lauer’s no-boundaries embrace of the skier Lindsey Vonn on “Today” after she won the downhill race. He draped a chocolate gold medal around her neck, gave her flowers (“just because we adore you”) and hugged her tight (“we are so proud of you”) — as if he and Meredith Vieira had spent the last 15 years rising at dawn to drive her to training.

And, we loved Heather Havrilesky's take, on the Men's Figuring Skating;
Lysacek takes to the ice wearing the evil alien villain garb from "Superman." But they're saying that General Zod isn't in the right frame of mind, based on what they saw during his warm-up. And it's true, he does stumble slightly after one jump, but otherwise he nails them, and ends with a double fist pump. (Doesn't General Zod do a double fist pump when he almost reigns victorious in "Superman II"?)

But the "Money" shots, came last evening, with NBC's over-the-top homage to "The Miracle On Ice", the victory of the USA Hockey team, over the Russians, thirty-years ago.

As my brother questioned, if there's anything, anywhere about the "Miracle On Ice", you will surely find Mike Eruzione there, front-and-center, on-camera, prompting my brother to ask "Is this is career, now?"

All this, to, unnecessarily, hype the hockey match last evening of the USA vs.Canada, in the one Winter Olympic game this year, that the Canadians felt entitlement.

Too bad this article came out today, and not before the broadcast;
How Miraculous Was the Miracle?
Not as much as you think.

And, too bad, the Canadian team lost to the youngsters of the USA, sending the entire country to hit themselves over the head with Labatt bottles, before going into a national funk.

But the Quote of the Day, goes to the always entertaining Charles Pierce, of 'The Boston Globe', jotting down some notes, on the Olympic hockey play.

Just so you know, it wasn't just my brother and I, Pierce also was annoyed by the NBC-Miracle-On-Icepalooza;
And I hate to sound like less of an American than I am, but I'm a little Miracle-On-Ice'd out at this point, especially with Al Michaels, who seems to believe that he landed on Omaha Beach or something 30 years ago.

Maybe their thinking, since the USA won hockey Gold in 1960 (the first miracle), than the big upset in 1980, their putting their fingers on the scale that, since this is 2010, a year ending in "Zero", NBC can trump up their own manufactured miracle despite, no clear favorite, just about anyone in the field (Canada, USA, The Russians, Sweden and Finland) can win the thing.

The next Winter Olympics ending in "Zero" will be 2030, and, should the lads of the USA take it, you can rest assured, Al Michaels, and Mike Eurizone, will be there, in 2030, hyping "The Miracle", once again.

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