Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Breaking - Amsterdam Jonesin'

The unintended ramifications, and unseen circumstances, of a volcano.

Those scamps, over at CAP News, have the scoop;

Amsterdam: We're All Out Of Drugs

AMSTERDAM (CAP) - Officials in Amsterdam are reporting an unexpected but dramatic consequence of the recent volcano-related travel restrictions in Europe: they have run out of drugs.

"We are totally, totally tapped," said Amsterdam Tourism Chief Baartege Fedde. "So many travelers were stranded in our city for so long that they smoked, snorted, and injected everything we had. Plus none of our regular supply shipments could make their way in - it was like the perfect storm."

Tourism officials say they know that drugs are just one of the two main reasons why people visit Amsterdam, "with the other, of course, being wild, freaky sex," said Fedde. However, they also know that the city's other attractions like museums and markets are "pretty sucky" if one isn't high while visiting them.

Go over to CAP News to read the rest of it

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