Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why Don't They Just Watch The Jetsons?

When I first descried this article the other day, I thought, "Oh my, someone at the Pentagon has some unhealthy childhood baggage", perhaps, more depressing, with possible Oedipal strings, related to the horrible program, 'My Mother The Car'.

Pentagon’s Flying Car Program Takes Off

The Pentagon’s far-out research agency has unveiled more details of their plan to create a shape-shifting, multi-purpose car.

Flying cars have been tried before, dozens of times. And a few of the efforts have even succeeded. But the Pentagon concept is several steps ahead existing vehicles, like the Terrafugia Transition, which is more like a light-weight plane that can, by folding up its wings, operate on land. The Transition also needs runways for takeoff and landing, and can’t fly in harsh weather.

And, in what could either mean revolutionary progress or massive failure, this initiative has out-there military agency Darpa behind it. In January, the agency, who’ve been toying with the flying car idea since at least 2008, hosted a proposal’s day workshop for their new Transformer (TX) project. At the time, details were sketchy: Darpa wanted a “morphing vehicle body” that could operate largely autonomously, reducing the chance of human piloting error in high-risk war-zones. Plus, the agency’s initial documents noted, a hovering car would be able to cruise over obstacles and avoid areas rife with IEDs.


It’s a lofty plan, albeit one with a relatively small budget: Darpa’s allotting around $55 million to the development and testing of prototypes.

Holy Cow!

They got "around $55-million to play with?

This has to go down as another classic, over-spending, fraud waste by the Pentagon.

Just show'em an episode, or two, of 'The Jetsons'!

They can't back-engineer this?

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