Friday, October 21, 2011

Top Ten Cloves: Possible Reasons Moammar Gadhafi Is Not Being Buried At Sea

News Item: Gadhafi body stashed in shopping center freezer

10.  Secret plan to just dump him in Zuccotti Park, and blame OWS crowd

  9. Can't find a Sea that will take him

  8.  Libya doesn't have a Navy anymore

  7.  Not sure if there were enough Front Page Death photos to warrant it ...

  6.  Conflict with the World Series

  5.  Everybody too busy reading new Bio on Steve Jobs

  4.  Waiting to see if Groupon issues a discount coupon for it

  3.  Negotiating with Will Ferrell to just do a cheap dramatization of it

  2.  Talking with the Head of The Charles Regatta, to see if they can handle it

  1.  President Obama has already used up his "Frequent-Burial-At-Sea" miles for the year


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