Friday, November 27, 2015

Top Ten Cloves: Other Things Donald Trumps Claims To Have Seen

10.  Relatives of current Syrian Refugees partying/celebrating in NJ on Sept. 11th

9.  Swears, if you look closely at film, Muslims celebrated Hindenberg explosion

8.  Trump, sworn to secrecy, who killed JFK

7.  Muslims celebrating crash of Flight 800

6.  Saw photos, old newsreels of Muslim celebrating when Lindburgh baby was kidnapped

5.  UFO aircraft at Roswell, New Mexico ("It looks fabulous ... just fabulous")

4.  Walt Disney's Cryogenically Frozen body (Awesome man, really awesome)

3.  He's seen - and heard - missing 18-minutes of Nixon Tapes

2.  Saw Sonny Liston fans celebrating after dive from Muhammad Ali’s phantom punch

​1.  ​Where D.B. Cooper landed ("Tremendous guy, really tremendous")

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