Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wednesday 2 March 2005

Fiorina, Wolfowitz Head List For World Bank

Carli Fiorina, who was fired from her job as head of Hewlett Packard last month and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul D. Wolfowitz are among the candidate to be the next President of the World Bank.

Fiorina, the only woman on the list, has expressed interest in the job and has detailed her priorities for the position. One of her first acts for the World Bank would be to lead a hostile take-over of Hewlett Packard.

Having run Hewlett Packard for six-years, and includling leading the purchase of former rival Compaq Computer, Fiorina has the big management experience, as well as the detailed knowledge of the inner workings of HP.

Though he has expressed interest, it's doubtful that the Bush Administration would give permission for Wolfowitz to take the post. There's also the likely opposition of European leaders, who would block the nomination.

In a brief interview, Wolfowitz did offer that he has hired he lobbying group, USA Next, the same group that worked with the Swift Boat Veterans during last years' presidental campaign, to help him explore his options.

Wolfowitz indicated that one of his first priorities in the post would be to see the World Bank invade Iran.

Day Three of Swank Thank You's; No End In Sight

In winning her second Oscar at Sunday's Academy Awards for her role of boxer Maggie Fitzgerald in 'Million Dollar Baby', actress Hillary Swank is now in Day Three of thanking people.

Swank spent the balance of Sunday evening and all day Monday thanking director (who also won an Oscar) Clint Eastwood, the town of Carmel, California, and even the handlers of the chimpanze in an earlier Eastwood film, 'Every Which Way But Loose'.

Swank's publicity agent has started posting a daily schedule with the anticipated thank you's Swank will deliver.

Everyone, from the trailer park she grew up in, teachers, school companions, summer camp councilors, and former babysitters have received a 'thank you' from Swank. For a three-hour stretch on Tueday, Swank thanked her drycleaner, supermarket bag boy, and even the people she stood in line with at Starbucks.

Nadar In Early Lobby To Take Pope's Seat

Souces to The Garlic have indicated that Ralph Nader may be lining up to take a run at winning the office of the Pope. The uncertain status of Pope John Paul's health has the perinial candidate stumping in Italy.

Nadar has been seen in the Vatican, and Rome, conducting focus groups, and having lunch with high-powered officials who may be influential with the College of Cardinals.

Though not a Roman Catholic, Nadar feels he's ideally suited for the position, having been a long-time champion of unpopular causes, and an advocate of corporate, political and environmental reforms.

Not confirmed, the sources indicate, is that Nader has submitted an official application to be included in the debates the College of Cardinal may conduct if the need to choose a new Pope arises.

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