Monday, April 03, 2006

No Special Precautions For President

White House Chides Media Again; Calls For “Better Daylight Saving Time” Stories

McClellan Urges Press to “venture out of your hotel rooms, get off the balconies”; No Tie To VP Shooting

After admitting that clocks in the Oval Office, and other rooms, were not moved forward one hour, to convert to Daylight Saving Time, the White House lashed out at the media, citing the negative stories over the time change and called for them to “show the positive side.”

“There’s hundreds, more likely, thousands of good, wholesome stories,” said an agitated White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan. “I think it would be wise if you ventured out of your hotel rooms, get off the balconies, and sought out some of these positive stories.

McClellan took issue with a number of media reports, detailing a confused White House, with aides showing up an hour early for meetings on Sunday, and, a few cases, clocks being set two-hours ahead due to lack of communication that they had already been adjusted.

‘The President was never in danger,” said McClellan, “He was completely aware of the correct time of day, throughout the day. He was just an Average Joe, who had to adjust his own watch and desk clock”

Sources close to the White House have told The Garlic that special precautions were taken with the President.

Aides were said to be worried, being that President Bush signed a law, that goes into effect in 2007 that changes Daylight Saving Time, he may get confused and think that it was to begin this year.

President Bush has signed a law changing the dates of daylight-saving time. Beginning next year, The Energy Policy Act will extend Daylight Saving Time, beginning the second Sunday of March, and will end on the first Sunday of November.

No Special Precautions For President; No Talks With VP To Change Hunting Trip

McClellan specifically refuted two media stories, which he labeled as “irresponsible” that President Bush was kept up until 2AM, so he could witness the clocks being changed.

“I can assure you,” said McClellan, “that the President had been long asleep and was not kept awake.”

The other story had the White House lobbying the Vice President’s office, nearly three-months ago, for Mr. Cheney to put off his hunting trip to Texas back in February, seeking to have him reschedule it for Daylight Saving Time.

McClellan denied the report.

“We had no such conservations with the Vice President,” McClellan offered tersely. “While there are certain advantages to hunting during Daylight Savings Time, such as longer daylight, better sight and vision, the Vice President’s accidental shooting of Harry Worthington was not at all related to Daylight Standard Time, or any other lighting issue.”

Ingraham: Stories Out There; Cavuto – Is It Worth Still Having A Free Press?

Radio Host Laura Ingraham joined the White House in blasting the media, saying that she was “out, talking to people” all day.

“I got some wonderful stories,” said Ingraham. “Really positive, heartwarming stories, of people helping each other with their clocks ... Making sure their neighbors, or elderly people, were up at the right time ... A group of young children offering to change people’s VCR clocks, which everybody knows is a real pain. All these stories were out there, but when you have a left-leaning, anti-war, President-bashing press corp. ...”

“Where was the “Today” show?,” Ingraham continued. “Where was Matt Lauer? What world was he in? The stories are out there.”

Ingraham’s comments came during an appearance on “Your World With Neil Cavuto”, on the Fox News Network.

Cavuto has hosting a segment of his show, titled “Do We Still Need To Have A Free Press?”

The White House is denying that they lobbied Vice President Dick Cheney to postpone is hunting trip until Daylight Saving Time, for the purpose of having better and longer light

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