Monday, April 09, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Things Don Imus Will Do During His Suspension

News Item: Don Imus Is Punished With Two Weeks of Radio Silence

10. Now has the time to go over and help Crony General Alberto Gonzales practice for his Senate testimony

9. Have lunch, or a drink, with Contessa Brewer

8. See if he can take a quick course, or two, at Rutgers

7. Practice his democracy by going over to Baghdad and protesting, with all those ragheads, against Bush

6. Get that paternity test, to, once and for-all, determine if Opie his illegitimate son

5. Go hunting with Mitt Romney

4. Make it a fun two-weeks; Start a rumor that Tim Hardaway is gay

3. Call up Michael Richards and see if he wants to hang out ... Maybe catch a Mel Gibson film

2. Check her schedule and pray that Ann Coulter has another speech real soon

1. If Rachel Ray can do it, so can I; Imus to plan prom for Rutgers seniors

Reports indicate that MSNBC and CBS Radio broke the news of the two-week suspension to Imus by temporarily retitling his radio program to "Imus Not In The Morning"

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