Friday, September 14, 2007

I Second The Motion! ..."More Than Ever, Impeachment Is the Cure"

Just caught a great post by Scarecrow, over on Firedoglake;

Scarecrow: More Than Ever, Impeachment Is the Cure

Yes! ... I second the motion!

Following The Commander Guy's delusional rambling last night, the iron is as hot as ever for the Democrats to strike ... And, Lord, knows, there's ample violations that can be charged against the Bush Grindhouse (wading through those may be the bigger part of the problem).

What's to lose?

Quite likely, a majority of the country will rally behind you.

The consequences of not removing this rogue administration is that, should a Dem win the 2008 Presidential Election, they will be inheriting all the bullshit that has been built up ... Over 100,000 troop still in Iraq ... The diminished standing and integrity of United States of America around the world (I'd place a bet that many of our international friends would stand and cheer at Impeachment hearings being called)

The Garlic has had an open invitation out there since July, absent of any Congressional action - A Citizen's Arrest.

And for you, Ms. Speaker of the House, pulling up my best Ronald Reagan imitation - "Sit Down At That Table!"

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