Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good Article Alert - The letter E is purple

"That's a lot of colors," I said, only half attentive to the conversation. "What other colors do you see?" ... He thought for a second, as if deciding whether or not to tell me something. Then he said, "The letter E is purple."

I can't offer you a reason why I am posting this, other than I found the article absolutely fascinating.

I always enjoy it, when I can remember a dream, vividly, and, even more so, if it was in color.

But to see letters and numbers in colors, in such an ordinary, everyday way ... That it was just a piece of your life, your existence, as functional, as natural as breathing ... Man, it sounds too cool ...

The condition is Synesthesia, which is a neurological phenomenon in which activation of one sensory processing system (e.g., numbers or written language) leads to the automatic engagement of a second, distinct sensory processing system (e.g., color) to create a "crossed" sensory perception. For example, as in my case, numbers appear to have their own colors. Or, in other forms of synesthesia, sensory processing is "crossed" with emotion processing, imbuing letters, words, days of the week or months with their own personalities.

Check out Alison Buckholtz's "My synesthesia made me feel like a freak. But if my son has inherited this neurological quirk, I hope he realizes what a gift it is.", that appeared in Salon a few days ago.

You should find it most interesting.

(And, if any readers have this incredible gift, please, leave a comment and share your experience with it)

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