Sunday, January 20, 2008

Best-of-Day! ... Crimmins and Rich

The Garlic, ever endeavoring to bring you the best of the World Wide Web, is introducing with this post a new feature - Best of Day!

Be it a line, a headline, a passage, photo, etc, we will strive to bring it to you (which, as disclosure, will be based on available "bests", as well as our time, energy and reading/research).

It will be, as with other offerings (such as Good Post Alerts, or The Laura Bush Bummer Bombing-of-the Day Posts), from time-to-time, not an everyday-thing.

So, to kick it off, we turn to someone very familiar, and many times featured on the pages of The Garlic, satirist Barry Crimmins, who takes away the Best Line of the Day;

"Either Giuliani is waiting for the heat to blow over concerning numerous scandals that his felonious police commissioner, Bernard Kerik somehow neglected or Rudy is protesting the unfairness of his party's decision to hold all its primaries and caucuses on days other than September 11."

This comes from Crimmins' post today, "Crazy Dicks", which also offered another gem;
I can't do that because I understand a basic truth: he or she who wants to be in control is a dick and probably crazy. The premise behind most presidential bids is shockingly simple: I've looked at the entire world and there is one glaring problem-- I'm not in charge!"

And it's a day of riches (pun intended), as NYT columnist Frank Rich rings in with the Headline of the Day;

Ronald Reagan Is Still Dead

We can only hope - fervently - that the Writer's Strike ends at the soonest, and SNL gets back on the air.

What could be a better nod to their illustrious early, great years, then to lead off Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, excitedly exclaiming "President Ronald Reagan is still dead!"

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