Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Additons To The Garlic

A bit of housekeeping here.

We've added two new features to The Garlic, for your reading, searching and viewing pleasure.

First, thanks to updates by Blogger, a Google Search Bar has been added to search through, what else, The Garlic!

Hone in on a specific target of Garlic satire, or check to see what we've done with a specific topic or news item.

It works just like Google (Or "The Google", if you, The Commander Guy, happens to be online here), so I trust you won't have any difficulties using it.

Second is the addition of Veracifer, aka TPM TV!

This is the exceptional crew of Josh Marshall and the gang at TPM - Talking Points Memo

Led by the fiercely independent and original journalism of Joshua Micah Marshall (Talking Points Memo), Veracifier isn’t content to just put a another spin on the day’s headlines. And we’re not mere blog-tificators either, pouring out opinions by the pound. We’re the CSI of news, painstakingly piecing together strand upon strand until we get to the bottom of a story—which sometimes turns out to be way up there at the top.

If you're not hip to TPM, get hip to TPM!

You'll find both in the rightside sidebar

As always, mucho Thanks! For visiting and reading The Garlic

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