Saturday, May 03, 2008

Editor's Note ... Still Jammed Up ...

Good Morning Garlic Fans;

We hope you are all well ...

Boy, it has been a week, and then some ...

The saga of my caretaking gig, and elderly aunt, continues through this weekend and into the next week.

While she is doing well, pain-free and comfortable, she does need to have a procedure done, and we thought that would be taken care of Thursday.

However, due to a timid staff at the hospital, and the feisty disposition of my aunt, she train-wrecked the procedure by being uncooperative and combative, to the point they could not complete it ... Or get it started ...

And I say "timid" as they are deferring (against my stated wishes, direction and information) to a 95-year-old with dementia and memory loss, as opposed to being assumptively assertive and finessing things, to the point of not getting blood work done, and the above-referenced procedure.

During the procedure on Thursday, at one point, it became a Marx Brothers movie, with the doctor performing the procedure calling me on the telephone, and then relaying what I was saying, to my Aunt, who was sedated some, thereby eliminating even the faintest hope of comprehension, which is a long-shot to begin with, when she is not sedated.

So the game plan is they go into the Operating Room on Monday, and using a stronger sedative and/or some level of anesthesia, to get the procedure done .... Barring complications, it's likely she will come home Tuesday, or Wednesday.

My game plan is to attempt to carve out some time, either today, or tomorrow, and get a few posts up.

Not sure how that will play out, so hang in there ... We'll be back on track within a few days.

Once again, many thanks for visiting The Garlic.


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