Saturday, January 03, 2009

Editor's Note ... Techinical Difficulties

Sorry, Garlic Fans, for the big goose egg as to posting yesterday.

We got caught up in some major, pain-in-the-ass, computer trouble, perhaps a "Trojan", that somehow cracked through the crack security system (Thanks Microsoft and MacAfee!).

I was, happily, tooling along, writing, reading, putting together a few things, with multiple tabs opens (three), and then, all-of-sudden, things froze up. It took an extremely lengthy time to do any action, liking closing the tabs, either due to this unspecified, possible "Trojan", or that Microsoft decided it was time to "Synchronize" my folders.

It took over an hour to get everything closed up, and then I began running the various scans and defrags, which chewed up another couple of hours.

At that point, creativity took the first train elsewhere and I decided best thing was to just chill out (I watched two movies, one that was absolutely, dreadfully awful, 'We Own The Night' - miss it by all means, if you can ... The first 10-minutes show promise, and then if just drops over the cliff the rest of the way).

So, today, we play catch-up.


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