Saturday, January 03, 2009

It Only Took One To Spoil This Soup

Fans (if there are any ...More on that below) of actor/comedian Dane Cook gasped this past week, on the news that Cook's half-brother, and erstwhile manager, ripped him off for millions.

Dane Cook's kin accused of stealing millions from comic

Darryl McCauley, 43, is scheduled to be arraigned this morning in Woburn District Court on charges of larceny, forgery, and larceny by continuous scheme. He was arrested at his Wilmington home yesterday by State Police.

The state attorney general's office, which investigated the case, would not identify McCauley as Cook's brother yesterday, only saying that he stole from a national entertainer with local ties.

However, Cook's friends and state documents identify McCauley as his half-brother and as an official with his company, Great Dane Enterprises, Inc.
Surprising (again, more on that coming) that Cook has earned "millions", plural.

He was paying McCauley $150G's, per year, and got caught, when he was "recently replaced by a California-based manager. Despite repeated personal requests from Cook, McCauley refused to turn over Cook's financial records ...".

Probably, a little Bernie Madoff paranoia in play, no doubt.

Essentially, this is your average, "happened-before" sob tale of big entertainer/sports hero/otherwise celebrity bringing in the bacon by the truckload and not paying attention to where was being stored.

This writer has never been a particularly big fan of Cooks' "humor".

We never fretted that Cook was over-burdened with the worrisome problem of having "too much talent".

And, it appears, a fair number of others thought likewise.

In both stories that we linked to here, in the Comments section, Cook gets absolutely roasted, with the main themes being he was over payed, and that any money recovered should go to the people who paid money to see him perform.

A few samples;
"This man should be applauded. Dane Cook stole the money in the first place by being overpaid and unfunny. It's a modern day Robin Hood story, if you ask me. McCauley was stealing from the rich and giving the money back to the poor moviegoing public that wasted their hard earned money on one of Cooks' films or CD's."

"Fitting that this has happened to the biggest joke thief in the industry!"

"I youtubed this Cook person. Is there something funny about him? I couldn't find one bit that was funny. It's all so silly and juvenile. Instead of his half-brother or step-brother...whichever, they should go after the people who over-paid him for crap comedy."

Thank God! I love the previous comments about how un-funny this hack is!! People are such sheep, if you tell them someone is funny they just fall in line and gobble up his crappy comedy. Dane must have incriminating pictures of someone that lets him keep "entertaining"

You can read the comments HERE and HERE.

Good luck there, Cook, in making back that lost money.

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