Monday, February 09, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: Ways President Obama Can Better Sell His Stimulus Package

News Item: Live Blogging the Obama News Conference

10. Get Alex Rodriguez back (??) using steroids to jump start the economy!

9. Have a prime-time Press Conference ... Oh ... Never mind

8. If he can wrestle him away from the Republicans, Billy Mays! ("Look at this Stimulus Package! ...)

7. Auction his Blackberry email address, and you won't need a Stimulus Package

6. Nominate someone new, with a tax problem, to take some of the heat off

5. See if Captain Sullenberger can land a plane in the Potomac, so he can suck up the PR, giving him Key to the City

4. Give everyone a new Kindle to jump start the economy!

3. Bernie Madoff is just hanging around the house, doing nothing ... He should be able to move it

2. He can write up 25 things about it and post it to Facebook

1. In ultimate show of bipartisanship, and win support, offer Rush Limbaugh that he will, for real, nominate him for Nobel Peace Prize

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