Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chuck Todd Disappointed Americans Aren't Begging In Bread Lines

Or: "Hey Brother, Can You Spare A Good Question?"

If you are Chuck Todd, of NBC News, it must be terribly difficult to get through the day.

That screening room in his head, going on 24/7, playing all those black-and-white, or sepia-colored, reels, of shack towns, breadlines and soup kitchens, people walking miles-and-miles, carrying sacks and boxes of their possessions, must send him staggering, when he looks around, and sees, in technicolor, well, life, pretty much, as normal.

I don't think, if you look up in a dictionary the word "obtuse", you will find a picture of Todd, but after last night's Presidential Press Conference, I don't know, all bets may be off on that.

Jesus, what the hell was Todd thinking?

Was he trying to chide President Obama?

Or just get himself to stand out, as a primo fucking dunce?

Afterall, the last President, The Commander Guy, in a time of crises, exhorted us citizens to go shopping.

He must have thought Obama has dropped the ball, you know, that movie in his head, screaming at him, forcing those words down and out his mouth.

The former NBC/MSNBC Houdini-numbers guru, last evening, asked President Obama the following;

Okay. Chuck Todd.

QUESTION: Thank you, Mr. President. Some have compared this financial crisis to a war, and in times of war, past presidents have called for some form of sacrifice. Some of your programs, whether for Main Street or Wall Street, have actually cushioned the blow for those that were irresponsible during this -- during this economic period of prosperity or supposed prosperity that you were talking about.

Why, given this new era of responsibility that you’re asking for, why haven’t you asked for something specific that the public should be sacrificing to participate in this economic recovery?
" ...why haven’t you asked for something specific that the public should be sacrificing to participate in this economic recovery?"

Oh, my Good Lord!

Chucky Todd, apparently, doesn't watch much television, including the channels he works and reports for.

Massive unemployment ... Massive foreclosures and evictions ... Massive layoffs ...

When there's no money, no job, no home, what is it, exactly, that Chucky T. expects Americans to sacrifice?

The Anonymous Liberal also noticed this boneheaded question;
Second, while I hate to pick on Chuck Todd, his question was really dumb. We're in the middle of the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression. Millions of people are losing their jobs, losing their homes, losing their health care, every day. And he asks why the President isn't asking the American people to sacrifice? Huh? What exactly did Todd have in mind? Should we be offering human sacrifices to appease the Gods?
So did Ryan Tate, over on The Gawker;
Chuck Todd, NBC News. For being weirdly sadistic toward struggling Americans, AGAIN.

He asked if "some form of sacrifice" should be made to the Wall Street gods, like maybe a homeless person? He kept asking about sacrifice among "the public" and "the American."

Yes, because economic collapse, sharply higher unemployment and looming depression are not enough. We should be starving in the street and setting ourselves on fire. "The American people are making a host of sacrifices in their individual lives" was how the president put it. Duh, Todd.

This is the same guy who asked, last time, if consumers were poised to spend way, way too much money, as they were being laid off and evicted from their homes. Strike two for NBC News' new man at the White House.

I mean, Jesus, you could have come up with a better question using a Magic 8-Ball.

And, think back, Chucky T's name was bandied about as a possible replacement for Little Timmy Russert's chair on MTP.

He would be more pathetic than Russert.

Keep this up Chucky, and you'll be finding yourself getting tosses from Lester Holt, on those back-road-filler stories for the weekend news, or worse, you'll be banished to Doc-Bloc land.

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