Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama Spams The World

Boy, that had to turn some heads this morning.

And, you know, a few of them had to be thinking, was the Lincoln Group back in business, retained by the new administration?

Those, picking up Le Monde, or the Saudi Gazette, or about 30 other newspapers around the world, and seeing President Barack Obama on the Op-Ed page, "A time for global action."

In case their satellites went out, or they don't watch CNN International any longer (maybe in protest, after Zain Verjee couldn't stop from spouting "penis" during a broadcast), Obama wanted to be sure that they all knew our economy was in the tank, and Obama wanted to play "Tag", that they all have to pitch in as well

It was, kind of, an economic Knute Rockne thing, or Mickey Rooney/Andy Hardy "Hey gang, let's put on an economy!"

He didn't say so in the article, but I think he's going to hand out laminated, autographed copies at the G-20, just in case they missed it.

Maybe, they'll put a Gordon Brown-type package together, throw in some DVD's of his Tonight Show appearance, or his speeches.

Raw Story has a copy of it.

So does the Chicago Tribune.

No word yet, if Obama, just to piss off the Flying Monkeys of the Right Wing Freak Show, was chewing gum, or not, while writing the piece.

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