Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Compared To What

Another rough day on the homefront, and any iota of creativity long left me, well before the noon hour.

Ahhh, but there is much percolating ...

The Cheeseburger That Sweats (or, as he decribes himself, a "harmless, lovable little fuzzball" - he must have shopped himself one helluva doctor to come up with that) has raised the stakes in his stunt, today "challenging" the President of the United States to come down to his radio studio and debate him on "the issues of the day".

Yeah, right ...

Can you imagine the cacophany, the deafening roar, say, if someone from Air America, or, better yet, Keith Olbermann "challenged" The Commander Guy to come of their program for such a thing?

Sorry, there, El Dittohead Grande, you'll just have to be satisfied with being ridiculed, sans the POTUS giving you a gigantic ratings bonanza.

And speaking of ridiculing, the The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee threw up a website today - I'm Sorry Rush - that is hysterical, giving the PartyofNoicans a point-and-click template to send their apologies in to the "harmless, lovable little fuzzball" (Greg Sargent reported, earlier today, and before the DCCC sent out their email announcing it, that the site
("We uncovered the secret Republican Apology Machine"), had already "nearly 150,000 visits, to which Sargent marvels, tongue firmly planted in cheek, "Amazingly, the site has gotten this number of visits despite the fact that it isn’t linked on Drudge!").

And, MediaMatters put up today their
"Limbaugh Wire", where you can check for yourselves, the delusional rantings of that "harmless, lovable little fuzzbal, cheeseburger that sweats".

In other follys, Karl Rove and Harriet Miers will, finally, appear before Congress, in the matter of the firing of the U.S. Attorneys.

Yawn ...

Not that I don't want to see Rove (and Miers, and any-and-all other Bush Grindhouse cronies in cuffs and a perp walk), but I don't believe, after all this time, all this tap dancing, that either will offer anything newsworthy - nor will they be humbled and apologize for their insulting treatment of the Congress, in their longstanding refusal to comply to subpoenas.

If they need any help, or tips in how to apologize, they can ask this guy ...

Michael "Off The Hook" Steele.

All his theatrics the past few days (and month), will, probably, make a nice Wikipedia entry, one of the sub-categories detailing his short tenure as Big Cheese of the PartyofNoicans.

The Jeopardy theme music is blaring, based on numerous reports today of other, unnamed PartyofNoicans pretty pissed off with him, dissing that he's done jackshit, so far, for the party, that is, other then embarrass them.

This includes a post from Bryon York, whose cheeks still haven't come back to form, after eigth-years of sucking up to The Bush Grindhouse.

Josh Marshall was the only one to directly ask "How Long Does This Guy Last?"

Add in the tanking stock market, Jim Cramer adding his dementia, to compete with Rick Santelli, the corporate pigs at AIG, and you get a sense of something is in the air ...

Here's a classic you can use to help blow off the steam ... 

Compared To What Les McCann and Eddie Harris

Compared To What (LP Version II) - Les McCann & Eddie Harris

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