Sunday, March 01, 2009

La Nevada

Well, another day not going as planned, a continuation of our situation from yesterday.

And with so many goodies to choose from ...

Paul Harvey dying ("And that's the rest in peace of the story!" - Barry Crimmins)

The rabid wing of the PartyofNoicans annual meeting (aka CPAC)

A great Frank Rich today, offering that the Train Obama is humming along nicely, but beware of the PartyofNoicans doing all they can to derail it.

It's going to a busy week

And, adding to that, what started an hour, or so, ago here in the Northeast (having blanketed the South, and climbed up the Eastern Seaboard), is a major snowstorm, which will have The Garlic, at some point tomorrow, having to shovel out a foot, or more, snow.

What better time than to give you this gem, from the Gil Evans Orchestra ... 

So appropriate for the day ... 

La Nevada - Gil Evans Orchestra

La Nevada - The Gil Evans Orchestra

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