Friday, March 13, 2009

It's All Junkies and Guns, Says Peggy Noonan

Ronald Reagan's most ardant groupie, Peggy Noonan, today, clings, longingly, to her old Willoughby, bemoaning the changes taking place in our turbulent times.

And, she also "hypothesizes" that the Wall Street Meltdown occurred, because everyone on Wall Street is a junkie, and it was Sept. 11th that turned them into junkies.

But, the good thing about it, church-going is up!

In her weekly dreck, "There's No Pill for This Kind of Depression", Noonan utters not one single syllable of criticism at the PartyofNoicans, led, of course by The Bush Grindhouse, for taking a flamethrower to the laws, rules and regulations, over the past eight-years, that has led us directly into Little Peggy's "depression"

She blames it on Sept. 11th and drugs;

The sale of antidepressants and antianxiety drugs is widespread. In New York their use became common after 9/11. It continued through and, I hypothesize, may have contributed to, the high-flying, wildly imprudent Wall Street of the '00s. We look for reasons for the crash and there are many, but I wonder if Xanax, Zoloft and Klonopin, when taken by investment bankers, lessened what might have been normal, prudent anxiety, or helped confuse prudent anxiety with baseless, free-floating fear. Maybe Wall Street was high as a kite and didn't notice. Maybe that would explain Bear Sterns, and Merrill, and Citi.
Yet, she manages, through her pain, to toss one snipe at President Obama;
Yes, people fear Obama will take away the guns he thinks they cling to, but a likely equal contributor to what The Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch called a "gun-buying binge" is captured in the slogan on one firearms maker's Web site: "Smith & Wesson stands for protection." People are scared.
And, Peggy channels her Willoughby days (really, her emptiness of Life Without Ronnie);
Two, the economy isn't the only reason for our unease. There's more to it. People sense something slipping away, a world receding, not only an economic one but a world of old structures, old ways and assumptions. People don't talk about this much because it's too big, but I suspect more than a few see themselves, deep down, as "the designated mourner," from the title of the Wallace Shawn play.


To me, one of the signal signs of the times is the number of people surfing the Internet looking for . . . something. One friend looks for small farms in distressed rural areas. Another logs on late at night looking for a house to buy in a small town out West, or down South, or in the Deep South. She is moving all around America in her imagination. I asked if she had a picture in her head of what she was looking for, and she joked that she wanted to go where Atticus Finch made his summation to the jury. I don't think it was really a joke. She's not looking for a new place, she's looking for the old days.
See, there's the whole nut of it.

Obama, and the Democrats, didn't put any "old days" in the Stimulus Package.

We don't need a new direction, a new paradigm, all we need to make Little Peggy happy again is to bring back the "old days"

Don't they do any random drug-testing over there, at the Murdoch Street Journal?

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