Monday, April 13, 2009

Ay Mi Cuba

Cubismo - Ay mi Cuba

I guess, just a wild guess, it is dawning on some, that about 50-years of a miserably failed policy was about enough time to give it, you know, you can understand that they didn't want to pull the plug too early.

Obama Lifts Some Restrictions on Cuba

The decision does not lift the trade embargo on Cuba but eases the prohibitions that have restricted Cuban Americans from visiting their relatives and has limited what they can send back home.

It also allows companies to establish fiber-optic and satellite links between the United States and Cuba and will permit U.S. companies to be licensed for roaming agreements in Cuba.

Communications of those kinds have been prohibited under tough rules put in place by George W. Bush's administration to pressure for democratic change in the island nation.

But under the new policy promoted by Obama, satellite radio companies and television providers will also be able to enter into transactions necessary to provide service to Cuban citizens.

It will also provide an exception to the trade embargo to allow personal cell phones, computes and satellite receivers to be sent to Cuba.

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