Wednesday, April 15, 2009

But Wait, There's More Ways You Can Follow The Garlic!

We've been meaning to get this up here for some time.

Nobody offered us $250, 000, and, perhaps, one day, we will become as prestigious as The Guardian UK out there, but for now, we will continue what we started a month, or so ago, posting links of The Garlic on the the now-universally famous Twitter.

And, no, we aren't putting things up like "Had oatmeal this morning ... Raisins and brown sugar really jazzed it up", or "Putting on shoes now ... May go outside today" ...

It's simply the links to posts on The Garlic.

So, if you are out there in Twitterland, come on over and follow us

And, of course, you can also get the Full Monty, by subscribing to The Garlic's Daily Feed - simply use one of the subscription boxes in the leftside column to get that going (it really easy, even The Commander Guy, or Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain could do it) ... It drops in around 8AM, and you get pics and video, if we included any in the posts.

Here we are, on Twitter

A 1,001 Thanks, for visiting and reading The Garlic

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