Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Night In San Francisco

Good Evening Garlic Fans

Our apologies, for the lack of posting the past few days - and not owning up to it with a clarifying Editor's Note.

As regular readers know, it's been an extremely hectic period on the homefront the past two-weeks, with a little extra added on the recent days, with some heavy-duty allergies riding in, with the summer-like weather we have had in the Northeast.

It has been tough, carving out reading, and writing time, this week, having to juggle doctors, visiting nurses, Elderly Services, and today, a follow-up doc visit.

So, we are taking the night off, and maybe tomorrow, as well.

And, as we like to do, we don't leave you empty-handed.

Another gem to groove on, from the tremendous (over 6-million copies sold world-wide!), album, ''Friday Night In San Francisco', with Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia, John McLaughlin.

So, dig into "Mediterranean Sundance/Rio Ancho", while we throw up our heels, and chill out some.

"Mediterranean Sundance/Rio Ancho" - Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia

Mediterranean Sundance - Paco de LucĂ­a

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