Monday, May 18, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: Other Possible Excuses Maureen Dowd Could Used For Plagiarizing TPM's Josh Marshall

News Item: How would the NYT react if Joe Biden gave an excuse this lame?

10. Thought "Josh Marshall" was a big department store in Chicago

9. Didn't think the "pajama-wearing, cheeto-eating" crowd would notice

8. She was trying to piss off the Chenny Fluffers on CNN

7. It's Sweeps Month!

6. Believed Alex Rodriguez was "tipping" her that it was okay to plagiarize

5. Just the burden, the strain, of having to write TWO columns, per week

4. Got confused, thought she was lifting material from 'The West Wing'

3. She was jealous of Ann Coulter

2. Thought she had given up plagiarizing from Polk Award winners for Lent

1. She, and her friend, were just goofing around, playing the old Johnny Carson 'Carnac the Magnificent' game, and the TPM thing came up, and, somehow, made it into her column

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GDAEman said...

Oops! Guess the crumbling empire mentality has gotten to Maureen too.