Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Retro Garlic: Shiekh de Sade

We just wrote about this, less then two-weeks ago, and already, we get rushed into a Retro Garlic.

Jeez ... You think, The Bush Grindhouse, to, at minimum, protect their Carlyle buddies' investments, would have hipped the royalty of the UAE to the CIA, perhaps, having the CIA guy (or team) that erased all the Bush Grindhouse Torture Tapes, temporarily assigned to Dubai.

Torture-tape Gulf prince accused of 25 other attacks

The wealthy Gulf prince at the centre of a "torture tape" scandal has been accused of attacking at least 25 other people in incidents that have also been caught on film, it has been claimed.

Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahyan is now under investigation in the United Arab Emirates after the shocking tape showed him beating a man with a nailed plank, setting him on fire, attacking him with a cattle prod and running him over.

But now lawyers for American businessman Bassam Nabulsi, who smuggled the tape out of the UAE, have written to the justice minister of Abu Dhabi - the most powerful of the emirates that make up the UAE - claiming to have considerably more evidence against Issa.


But now it appears the initial tape could just be the beginning of the problem. The new tapes apparently also involve police officers taking part in Issa's attacks, and some of his victims in the as-yet-unseen videos are believed to be Sudanese immigrants.

What's the world coming to, when torturers won't help each other?

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