Sunday, May 03, 2009

Top Ten Cloves - Reasons Arlen Specter Became A Democrat

News Item: Specter: I did not say I'll be a loyal Democrat

10. Matter of practicality - Can learn using Twitter, and The Google, faster with the Democrats

9. Part of lobbying effort for Obama to name him to Supreme Court

8. Totally embarrassed by alternative budget PartyofNoicans turned in

7. Really, really wants to play on that new Swing Set Obama's bought for daughters

6. Was hoping to do it earlier in month, just so he could angle meeting The Grateful Dead

5. Just got caught up in all the "100 Day" hullabaloo

4. Only trying to get as far away from Michelle Bachmann as he can

3. Lost bet with Mitch McConnell - Doesn't agree meeting Rush Limbaugh is "Awesome"

2. Figured, going Democrat would bump him up in line for Swine Flu shot

1. "I did what!" ... Last time he has "more than a few" beers at a Phillies game

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