Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Math

A bit of a cumbersome day on the homefront (and perhaps, with the excitement of last weekend, a wee bit tired).

So, we're going to throw one out to those hardy, game nitwits in the PartyofNoicans.

After the ridicule they received last week, for there infamous "Budget with No Numbers", they had another bell-ringing today, calling attention to their new budget, which, well, it's barely an improvement of what they offered last week

Still few numbers, lots of tax cuts, a bigger deficit, and even more unanswered questions.

They are pathetic.

Here's a sampling you can wade through.


Josh Marshall: Reassuringly the Same

Bob Cesca: $4 Trillion

D-Day: New And Improved, With Numbers!

So, with the PartyofNoicans deft mathematics skills in mind, what better salute can we give them, but the classic Tom Lehrer tune, "New Math" (the audio is Lehrer, the visual, an actor).

Somebody, please, send the PartyofNoicans a copy of "Writing A Budget for Dummies", though, we realize, even with that, it also, may be above their capabilities.

Tom Lehrer: New Math

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