Monday, March 30, 2009

For The Want of A Catscan ...

Good Afternoon Garlic Fans ...

So sorry about the lack-of-posting the past three-days, as we ran into another emergency situation on the homefront early Friday morning, lining up, and setting the tone, for a cumbersome, time-consuming weekend.

The Aunt we care for took a little tumble (again), just after breakfast on Friday, and, while, seemingly uninjured, we felt the prudent course was to get her to the hospital, just the same, to be sure there was nothing wrong.

So off we went, and, in just under two-hours in the Emergency Room, we were informed that the Aunt's regular Doctor has ordered for her to be admitted, for overnight observation (more specifically, to monitor her bloodwork for enzymes, which would have indicated heart trouble).

All the tests (X-Ray, Echocardiogram, bloodwork, EKG and Catscan -which we will come back to) - were normal, no trouble indicated.

Of course, we had to contend with the Aunt not wanting to stay in the hospital.

Saturday AM, upon arriving at the hospital, all tests were still good and that the Aunt would be discharged.

However, would we mind doing another Catscan?

Seems they didn't do one the day before, due to the Aunt not being cooperative, so between that, and waiting nearly a half-hour for a wheelchair, to get her downstairs, we were a bit delayed in getting out of there.

It took her a bit of time to readjust back at home, and a bit more excitement Sunday morning (but all was okay), we had extra monitoring duty on her, leaving time, and energy, to write, by the wayside.

So, we will get back into the groove today, and tomorrow, both riffing on what's going on now, and a few posts that would have been put up over the weekend.

Once again, many thanks for continuing to visit and support The Garlic.

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