Saturday, April 04, 2009

Meu Nome é Gal

Good Evening Garlic Fans

Once again, we have hat-in-hand, brim full of apologies, for the lack of posting the past few days.

We, more-or-less, hit a wall, needing rest, to recharge the batteries, after attempting to balance out the writing time, with all the activity we've had on the homefront the past few weeks.

And, we had intended to do some posting today, however, it turned into a "Comcastic" day, as our fabled service provider had, apparently, a nation-wide email outage.

Not that this, necessarily, should have prevented us from posting, however, if keeping Outlook open, after anticipating, per Comcast, resolution, almost on an hourly basis, this slowed things up, as our Outlook cycled, perpetually, often leading to time-consuming, computer-freezing, "file synchronization", and having a "Network Password" box popping up, about every five-seconds, all not anywhere close to inspiring creativity.

So, another day of chilling out (well, as best we could), with a eye towards a plan to start banging away tomorrow (Sunday).

To help buffer the nuisance today, we turned to one of our all-time favorites, vocalist Gal Costa, to drift away from it all.

Here's one of her classics - Enjoy!


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