Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Fête du Canada!

Our neighbors to the north have a celebration today, so a hearty "Happy Canada Day" to one, and all.

Canada Day, according to Wikipedia, "is Canada's national day, a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the 1 July 1867 enactment of the British North America Act, which united Canada as a single country of four provinces. Canada Day observances take place throughout Canada as well as internationally."

Friend, and co-blogger Michael Stickings, over on his 'The Reaction', has his flag flying high, and, as a bonus, he posts, and points to a classic retro rendition of "O Canada", put up by Bobby Mustang, on his blog, Bark Bark, Woof Woof.

Here, we like this one;

Edmonton Oilers Fans sing O Canada

And, not to stir up trouble on the holiday, hockey fans will remember this Tit-for-Tat, during the 2008 NHL Playoffs;

Canadiens Fans boo/disrespect National Anthem

Boston's response to Montreal booing the US National Anthem

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